Thank you for choosing George of the Jungle Tree service.

 We are a small privately owned tree service that prides itself in quality work and customer satisfaction. Our company has been operating and servicing the community since 1993.

 Owner/proprietor George Gorrell present on every job.

 We will work with your insurance company concerning any storm damage work. We are a fully licensed and insured company with all documentation available by request.  

We offer a full spectrum of quality tree service.

Aerial long reach manned bucket truck  for low impact tree pruning and quality and safe tree removal.

Qualified and trained "Man in tree" with climbing gear and safety gear for more difficult jobs.

Industrial wood harvesting chippers to remove tree debris and recycle the chips/debris back to the environment.

Log truck to remove all tree debris/logs no matter the size. We leave nothing behind unless specified 

Crane abilities for added job safety and ability to complete difficult jobs that other tree services just can not handle safely.                    


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